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Nov 13, 2012 1:00am EST
basically. the same thing that elizabeth warren faced in scott brown, which was to sneer at her as an elite professor, which really got to me. it means we started teaching about the same time. for women of color and the entire united states teaching the, two blacks, one nation, one latina. and that is not so long ago. a few years afterwards i went into the classroom and having mostly men in a classroom, most of whom on election night before the election was decided i had to turn us in a classroom and was filled with that romney's. i woke up to a brand-new world. this is the way law schools looked when i was coming out. when you first started teaching to the woman, when he lived in massachusetts he didn't just say professor, he said blake though you could really profess anything. i really rocketed me back. so i think in addition to the mockery generally and the electorate, in addition to the demeaning of women generally, you sort of have a celebrated when were hired, but it's also a double whammy in a political setting. >> i'm in washington. it's an interesting place. i love d.c., but
Nov 12, 2012 10:00am EST
, nancy brown from california. national secretary, mary buckler from indiana. we also have several national past president of the american legion auxiliary joining us today. i would like for them to stand and be recognized. with us today is the national commander of the sons of the american legion. chris huntsinger from pennsylvania b. please, standing recognize. in addition, several of the men present ticket their lives to be national commander of the sons of the american legion. gentlemen, would you please stand and be recognized? most importantly, i would like to take this opportunity to introduce and thank my wonderful wife vicki and, my best friend. vicki? [applause] a month from now u.s. citizens will go to the polls across the country and cast ballots in the general election. we will be focused on the grate lansky beyond the beltway. that is where i come from. that is where you will find the american legion. you will find the american legion in rural towns of the west may have -- helping veterans meet the four-hour trip to a medical center. boasting more than 200 job fairs t
Nov 16, 2012 2:00pm EST
aggressively in the past. there are losing support. i was on a panel today with bryan brown, who runs the national organization for marriage. he is desperately spinning. he talks about the state and how they were outspent. they had seen their support shrink. the one not go away. they will learn their lessons. i agree with patrick. they could come back in a forceful way. they have seen their grassroots support streak and their daughter based drink. the mormon church is a player you did not see. they were the dominant player in proper 8. you saw a lot of the individual donors not there. on the pro-equality side of, you saw fair-minded people standing up in both campaigns where these initiatives on our side and also digging deep and writing -- writing big checks. jeff bezos was a single largest individual. jeff and his wife contributed $ 2.5 million. lgbt people have stood up arm and arm with our allies. >> the blue state arguments -- is a lot of spin there. it is true it happened in blue states. >> maine has two republican senators in a republican governor. i would not call these two ripple
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3